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Finding expat housing in the Netherlands
August 15, 2023

Finding expat housing in the Netherlands: 6 tips to ensure your success

Are you an expat considering renting a house, apartment, or room in the Netherlands? In this blog, we provide tips on how to find your own place more quickly. Finding a rental home is not easy, especially in popular cities where the demand for expat housing is high. When you are prepared, know what you want, and are aware of your rights, you are sure to find your new home. TOSS Housing can assist you throughout the whole process.


Tip 1: Research the housing market in your desired city

The first step is to explore the available housing options in the desired city. Are you looking for an apartment, studio, or do you prefer a private room? You will want to discover your future living space and find a place that truly feels like home. 

Take the time to learn about the neighborhood, the feasibility of your commute to work or study, and whether getting a bike like a true Dutchie is a wise choice. Even if you don’t need a bike for your daily travel to work, having one in the Netherlands is always a great idea. Highly recommended: start on time!


Tip 2: Determine your budget

The costs of living in the Netherlands are relatively high, especially in cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Assess your finances and decide how much you are willing to spend on rent. Consider the option of living slightly outside the city center, where rent is often more affordable, and you get more space in return. Simply weigh how much you value space and location.


Tip 3: Know the rights for expat housing

As a tenant in the Netherlands, you are entitled to specific rights and protection guaranteed by Dutch law. These rights include the obligation for a safe and habitable living space, and maintenance aspects such as heating, hot water, and electricity. If the maintenance is neglected, it’s essential to know what you can demand.

While we hope it doesn’t happen, it’s also crucial to be aware of what your landlord can and cannot do if they attempt to evict you from the property.

Legal information may not be everyone’s favorite activity, but it’s essential! We can assist you with this to make sure the provided rental agreement is legally correct. 


Tip 4: Present yourself as a respectful expat tenant

Some landlords want to know more about the people they rent their apartments to. It’s not uncommon for them to search the internet to learn more about you. Make sure there’s no offensive content on your social media profiles. You don’t want to be judged unfairly before getting the chance to make a good impression in person.


Tip 5: Let us do the searching

Moving to the Netherlands can be overwhelming, and there’s a lot to arrange. Let us take care of at least one concern. Allow us to find a home for you.

TOSS Housing has significant experience in locating the perfect accommodation based on your preferences. Our extensive network of property owners is entirely at your disposal. Additionally, we will guide you through each step of the process.

Check here to see how we assist you step by step in finding your dream home in the Netherlands.


Tip 6: Create a moving checklist and packing tips

Just like starting your housing search early, it’s equally important to begin creating a moving checklist well in advance. After all, it’s not easy to pop back home quickly if you forget something. Are you prepared for the weather, for instance? The Dutch weather can be quite unpredictable.

To help you with a smooth move, TOSS Housing has prepared two lists. One is a packing list to ensure you don’t forget anything or bring items you’d have been better off leaving behind. The other is a checklist of essential matters you should have in order if you’re planning to move this way. You’ll be well-prepared for your move.

Do you have any questions or do you want to know more about what TOSS Housing can do for you? If you need advice, please email us at or call or WhatsApp us on +31 20 261 9447. Expat housing: we arrange it.

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