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Rent a house

Looking for a great rental home? We’re here to assist you in finding a property in the Netherlands. With our swift approach and knowledge of the current housing market, you’ll benefit from our expertise and find your ideal home.

Corporate housing

You’ve already found your ideal employee, but finding a rental home is challenging. With our corporate housing service, we help you secure ready-to-move-in accommodations, making the process much easier for you.

Rent out a house

Rent out your property through TOSS Housing to expats and ensure proper documentation, rigorous tenant screening, and swift rentals. Experience hassle-free property management and maximize your rental income.

Furniture rental

Furniture rental for a quick and easy move, along with home styling for faster property rentals. Discover the benefits and options available to you. Streamline your moving process and enhance the appeal of your home for potential tenants. Learn more about the advantages and opportunities here.