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Furniture rental and home staging

Ever considered renting furniture instead of buying? Renting furniture is an easy and sustainable way to furnish your home. Are you working in the Netherlands for a temporary period? It’s great that you don’t have to waste your time searching for furniture, kitchenware, and cleaning supplies. And what if you move again? From the setup to emptying your home, we’ll take care of it!

Customized packages

Prefer a selection of individual furniture pieces? We offer custom-made options as well.

Flexible rental periods

From a few weeks to several years, you can choose your own rental period.

Rent easily settle quickly.

Have you rented or purchased a house and would like to be fully taken care of when it comes to furniture and more? Contact us, and we will discuss the options and how we can provide you with a customized solution.

    Rent out your property faster with a professionally staged home.

    A first impression is crucial. Not everyone can envision the potential of an empty space or a specific layout. If you want to rent or sell your property quickly and at a good price, consider having your home styled by our TOSS Furniture stylists. By doing so, you enhance your position in this competitive real estate market.

    More information about our TOSS furniture rental service?

    Curious about all the possibilities regarding furniture rental? Our furniture rental department has its own website where you can find even more information about the benefits and options of furniture rental and home staging.


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    An absolute pleasure - Nieks

    It was an absolute pleasure dealing with TOSS and I must add that without their assistance we simply would not have been able to secure the accommodation. TOSS went above and beyond the scope of their duties and we are super pleased with the apartment we are now renting. Their advice and assistance with intricacies around utilities, internet, parking, etc. was invaluable and meant we hit the ground running.